Bringing a smile to Parents, Carers and Children during their hospital stay.

Smiles2u is all about bringing care and comfort to the many children, adults and carers who pass through the doors of our local hospitals every day.

All donations go directly to care packs that hope to heal in times of crisis. 

How We Help ♥

This makes you realise how lucky we are to live in an amazing and supportive community
— Kristy
Such a small thing added so much warmth to my heart when I really needed it
— Bree

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We're so excited to announce that our Online Auction is now LIVE and ready for bidding! We have over $30,000 worth of prizes up for grabs!

This Online Auction is vital to ensure Smiles2U has the funds to continue to provide our care packs to children and parents in the Emergency department of the local hospitals across the North Shore. Each care pack costs around $10 and we supply seven hospitals with our Smiles2U Bags.

Smiles2U operates entirely on donations and sponsorship, and everyone who makes the magic happen does so on a volunteer basis. The joy that the Smiles bags brings to local families is what makes us continue to do what we do. It brings us joy, happiness and a feeling of knowing we're making a difference in the community to the lives of sick kids in hospital.

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