Bringing a smile to Parents, Carers and Children during their hospital stay.

Smiles2u is all about bringing care and comfort to the many children, adults and carers who pass through the doors of our local hospitals every day.

In order for us to create these care packages, we rely purely on the generous donations from individuals and businesses. So if you'd like to bring a smile to a sick child, a worried parent or a cancer patient, please consider sponsoring a bag (or more!).

All donations go directly to care packs that hope to heal in times of crisis.

Sponsor a Care Package ♥

This makes you realise how lucky we are to live in an amazing and supportive community
— Kristy
Such a small thing added so much warmth to my heart when I really needed it
— Bree


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Spreading the Christmas spirit.

So here we are at the tills at Target in Chatswood with our 6 trolleys full of toys for the kids in hospital. We have had a ball shopping! Thank you so much for all the donations via our online shop.

This is what YOU have helped us achieve!



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Christmas should be a happy time for children but sadly many will be in hospital on Christmas Day. We would love to bring smiles to as many children as possible and this is where we need YOUR help. 

We're calling upon the generosity of our community to donate a gift for a sick child.This year we have the option of purchasing a Christmas gift via our website. 

Simply purchase a gift and drop it at one of the many drop off locations on the North Shore throughout November. 

The more people we can get involved with the toy drive the more Smiles we can bring to the Children in hospital this Christmas.

For drop off locations please see below:

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