Bringing a smile to Parents, Carers and Children during their hospital stay.

Smiles2u is all about bringing care and comfort to the many children, adults and carers who pass through the doors of our local hospitals every day.

In order for us to create these care packages, we rely purely on the generous donations from individuals and businesses. So if you'd like to bring a smile to a sick child, a worried parent or a cancer patient, please consider sponsoring a bag (or more!).

All donations go directly to care packs that hope to heal in times of crisis.

Sponsor a Care Package ♥

This makes you realise how lucky we are to live in an amazing and supportive community
— Kristy
Such a small thing added so much warmth to my heart when I really needed it
— Bree



Supporting the most vulnerable in our community.

Imagine for a moment you are elderly and live alone or maybe in an aged care home. It’s the middle of the night when you get up for a drink of water and on your way back to bed you fall. Scared and alone, lying on the floor, you call for help which may or may not arrive quickly.

Eventually help arrives and you are taken by ambulance to your nearest hospital for assessment and treatment. You are told you are staying the night, but you have nothing with you, no toothbrush, deodorant or something sweet for comfort. As you wonder what to do, a nurse comes in with a Smiles 2U Essentials pack. It has everything you need. Just enough to put your mind at rest and provide some comfort during the night.

Without your donations, providing our essentials packs to the most vulnerable members of our community would not be possible. So thankyou!! This new initiative commenced from this week. If you would like to buy a pack, please follow the link below:



Upcoming Events & Fundraisers

Wow wow wow is just one of many words to express our excitement and gratitude for what was an incredibly successful movie night and online auction.

A staggering figure of $20,000 has been raised for Smiles2U to continue creating care packs, smiles bags and of course smiles, happiness and laughter to so many children and their families who come through the emergency doors of our 7 local hospitals that we support.

We thank everyone who came along to the movie night and supported our online auction. Click here to check out the awesome photo's from a very successful movie night.

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