Since North Shore Mums Smiles2U was launched in August 2015 we have achieved an incredible amount of requests and brought “smiles and happiness” to so many parents and children in hospital. 2018 was a huge year for us! We achieved so many and below are just some of the highlights of a very successful year.


  • We introduced our Cancer care packs to the many women who had to sit for hours in hospital whilst receiving chemo for Breast Cancer, the response to these packs has been very positive and to date we have distributed 120 Cancer Care packs. 

  • We introduced our online store on our website to allow the public to purchase a “bag” from our store which we would fill and distribute to the children in hospital. This was incredibly popular for our Christmas Toy Drive as we had 330 Christmas bags bought from the website and received a large amount of donations at our drop off locations. In total we were able to support over 600 children with a Christmas gift. 

  • We expanded to the Central Coast and are now distributing our “smiles” bags to the Emergency Department at Gosford Hospital. We’re so excited by this as we know it was a much needed asset to the hospital. 

  • We had a very successful fundraising event with our 3rd movie night screening Mamma Mia 2 and our Online Auction which we were lucky to receive 100 prizes for the auction. Together we raised $20,000 which has helped us so much in achieving our goals and dreams. 

  • To date (2018) we have distributed 1400 Smiles bags and 800 Essentials Care packs which is phenomenal and it just keeps growing 😉 

    May 2019 be another successful and exciting year for Smiles2U.