It's wonderful to receive feedback and recognition for what we do in the hospitals. Below are some Testimonials from very grateful Parents and Carers who have received our care packs whilst in hospital. 

"Thank you to the North Shore Mums who put these packs together for the children at Royal North Shore hospital. My son received one this morning and and it made his day. It makes you realise how lucky we are to live in an amazing and supportive community. Also does anyone know who puts these together? I would love to help in some way." Kirsty Carroll - October 2015


"Received this North Shore Mums Smiles2U package when I was in emergency on Thurs afternoon with a very sick 7 month old. It was such a small thing that added so much warmth to my heart when I really needed it. I was in emergency til 8 am and there was a delish nut bar in there that filled my starving tummy. We're still in hospital and even using the items as toys (under supervision of course). Thank you so much to all the mums who kindly put it together. Made such a difference when you're already feeling so vulnerable. Thank you." Bree Peter - December 2015

Wonderful to receive positive feedback from a local North Shore Dad who was in hospital recently with his 2yr old son. Our packs are versatile and suit both Parents and Carers. Thank you Dan Pritchard - January 2016.


A heartfelt note from the Nursing Unit Manager at Hornsby Hospital

"Dear Smiles Team,
I would like to send my sincerest of Thanks to all involved in instigating the Smiles2U parent and children packs. Ever since they were introduced, we have been met with the biggest smiles and gasps of delight and astonishment at the generosity of others who have made these packs a reality. The children are really amazed that they receive something for being in hospital and the staff are always delighted when we are met with a big smile and a thank you. The parents are always surprised as well. The staff have been very proactive in handing out the packs and it makes their day when they know that the children are happy and amused whilst in a hospital environment.
A number of the parent packs have been used and the giving of these is always met with heartfelt gratitude. Admission to hospital can be a very stressful time. A parent presents to Emergency with their sick child and quite often without any basic supplies. It is so nice to hand out a Smiles2U pack to these parents and be met with a "really, is this for me.. Thank  you so much" response. A magazine, coffee bag and something to nibble on, is always welcomed. 
From all the staff, patients and parents I would like to again send my sincerest of Thanks and hope that this new venture continues long into the future.
Well done to all involved.
Louise Robinson."
Nurse Unit Manager - Hornsby Hospital - January 2016.