Michelle Key

Michelle Key lives on the Upper North Shore and is a Mum to three young children. Michelle has a passion for helping others in need and Smiles2U is exactly that -  helping a Mum or Child in need. Having had first hand experiences with her three boys at an early age in Emergency, Michelle knows that it requires a lot of patience, distraction and ideas in keeping a young child comfortable when medical staff are assisting them. There is nothing worse than arriving at a hospital with nothing to keep a child happy or something to eat or drink. Our packs are here to provide you that bit of comfort when you're going through a challenging time. 

Michelle Barry

Michelle Barry lives on the Lower North Shore in Sydney and is a Mum to two pre-school aged children. With 23 years working in health coupled with a few personal experiences of her own with local Emergency Department visits with a sick child, Michelle identified a need for more resources  to not only keep children entertained during the hospital visit but also distract the anticipation and actual procedure, text or examination. 
Most hospital presentations for children are unplanned. As a parent, we are either racing from home, park, field etc with the bag we had packaed for that occassion. There are times when an overnight stay happens, and we are there without any of the basics. No toothbrush, facecream, snacks or soothing tea to help make the experience a little more comfortable. That is why we also wanted to focus on the parents by putting together some care packages to help them during the hospital stay too. 



Sarah Collison

Sarah Collison lives on the Upper North Shore and is a Mum to two girls. Having experienced first hand the experience of being in hospital with a child, finding ways to keep them entertained and distracted was at times stressful and overwhelming. As an Occupational Therapist finding meaningful activities for children and their carers was recognised as a need in our local hospitals. Knowing that families have access to something that helps make their stay just that little bit easier is what Smiles 2U is all about.